Wednesday, November 15, 2023 · 5 min read v3.5: A new troubleshooter and more

Ciarán Hanrahan
Ciarán HanrahanHead of Product v3.5: A new troubleshooter and more

Welcome to the 3.5 changelog. We’ve been continuing to work on stability and performance at and adding a significant amount of end-to-end tests across our application to ensure the team and product can match the growth of our user base. Our growing user base has caused some (welcome) problems, but with those problems have come new challenges for us. While we’ve primarily focussed on addressing those, we’ve also got some exciting new feature announcements this month.

Troubleshoot your availability

We have a really exciting feature right around the corner enabling you to troubleshoot your availability right from inside with a highly visual calendar UI. With our troubleshooter, you will be able to see any time you’re not available and see exactly why you’re not available at that time. This will cover events coming from your calendar, your times from your availability schedule, and any date overrides you may have added. This feature will be released within the next week.

Embed links to book you in emails

We recently pushed a great new way to share your availability with your bookers. You can embed times from your event type in your emails with email embeds. Go to your event type, click embed, select ‘Email embed’, and choose some days and times. You can then copy and paste it into your email, and it will make selectable times that your recipient can use to book you with all your event-type settings in one simple click.

Check it out


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New features & apps

  • New app: Deel - You can now Integrate Deel with your Calendar and get automatic updates on key employee dates like PTO, start days, public holidays, and birthdays. No manual entry. No errors. Just a calendar that's always in sync with your team.

  • We added transitions to our interactive elements on hover and focus so the UX feels smoother.

  • We added a page in our app for upgrading to our enterprise / orgs plan

  • Users no longer need to click on confirm after entering the 6-digit code for bookings with booker email confirmation required event types.

  • We now allow you to cancel events after they’ve happened. This is particularly important for keeping Insights clean for events that didn’t happen.

  • We now show the location link and respective app icon on the bookings page.

  • You can now download Insights raw data as a CSV file

  • We added some example messages to the on the Installed Apps page so you can get some ideas for using it.

  • For in-person event types, we now lock the timezone on the booking page, as attendees could be coming from different time zones.

  • We significantly improved the UX for adding locations in your event types. Previously you had to go through several clicks including modals and dropdowns when a simpler UX was and now is possible.

  • We also gave our event type settings a UI/UX uplift and created clearer sectioning for all settings which makes it easier to scan, navigate and add new features to. We undertook similar work in our Settings area.

Improvements & fixes

  • We updated recurring bookings to only check for conflicts on the first 2 slots as otherwise, it’s nearly impossible to get availability if, for example, you have a week's holiday.

  • We fixed an issue where today's bookings were not showing on upcoming bookings

  • We fixed one of the "Could not book the meeting" errors on the public booking page and are on a mission to eradicate these.

  • We fixed an issue where recurring bookings would fail, caused by rate limiting.

  • We fixed an issue causing embed to not work properly in incognito in Chrome.

  • Fixed an issue where the organizer’s location (when it was set to physical) was not showing after booking.

  • We fixed an issue where the {MEETING_URL} from custom workflow templates wasn't populated for event types that require confirmation or payment.

  • We fixed an issue in Workflows where confirmation emails were still sent after they were confirmed even when the default confirmation emails were disabled.

  • Pushed a fix to set the primary/default calendar of a calendar integration as the first selected calendar on installation.

  • We fixed an issue where org owners and admins could not delete members from subteams.

  • We fixed an issue that caused duplicate calendar Invites when rescheduling an accepted booking that required confirmation

  • Fixed a UI issue in the Installed calendar app page

  • We improved the error messages when adding locations to your event types.

  • We removed the “Send an invite email” option when inviting new users to your teams and now we always just send an email.

  • Fixes an issue caused when booking a recurring event with a calendar connection where it was always throwing 'no available users found':

  • We fixed an availability issue with booking limits when booking falls on a different day in UTC.

  • We fixed an issue where managed event-type bookings weren't pulled when testing Zapier trigger (listBookings endpoint).

  • We fixed an issue where where managed event type couldn't be added to a user workflow. It didn't throw any error, but the managed event type just got ignored.

  • We added support for embedding organisation profile pages where you need to

  • We fixed the padding and position of tabs on the Team Availability page and Organisation Members page

  • We now allow dots in usernames

  • We fixed an issue where the booking day was showing incorrectly on the bookings page list.

  • We fixed an issue where teams were showing the wrong avatars in Orgs.

  • We fixed an issue where you were unable to modify the location of a booking when rescheduling it.

  • We pushed a fix where our new overlay calendar modal was acting buggy.

  • We also refactored our org settings as part of this work.

  • We fixed an issue where the globe in the Bookings page that shows other users' time zones was propagating incorrectly.

  • Last but certainly not least… we fixed an issue where the last day of October in the Europe/London timezone was always unavailable and the last day of November (in other timezones).

  • As usual, there were 100’s more fixes that we couldn’t fit into this newsletter which you can see here.

That’s it for this month, thanks for reading. If you'd like to give us feedback on anything we've shipped this month - we'd love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected]

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