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Another option for monetization: Using with PayPal

Assantewa Heubi
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Another option for monetization: Using with PayPal

Customizable calendar scheduling infrastructure

Calendar scheduling products come in all shapes and sizes. There are calendar scheduling products built with businesses in mind, and others focused on the individual. Some products are offered as bundled add-ons to well-known website-building platforms, while others are extensions of services provided by well-known and loved brands. With all these options available, it can take effort to figure out which calendar scheduling product is best suited to your needs. This is where comes in and simplifies everything. is an open-source calendar scheduling product that's been built with literally everyone in mind. What this means is that is customizable, scalable, and accessible. You can use our free basic plan regardless of whether you're a business owner or a student. You can run a multi-faceted organization using our team and enterprise-level products. We even have options that allow you to implement advanced white labeling and create your own time-based booking platform. One of the great things about is that we have a knack for balancing iterative improvement and feature creep. This means that we've implemented a modular method of account customization.

By simply visiting our app store, you can add over 100 different enhancements to your account. You can connect to CRM management software, as well as automation-based products and payment gateways. Up until relatively recently, we've only had one payment integration option, which has been the wonderful, reliable, and robust product called Stripe. However, it does have drawbacks. One of the main ones is that Stripe is only available in around 46 countries. Luckily, our latest addition to the app store solves this problem.

We all know PayPal

PayPal is's newest monetization option. It's available in over 200 countries and supports 25 different currencies. Connecting your account to your PayPal account is an easy way to enhance your workflow and save time. This is great for anyone who works in coaching, consulting, or the freelance gig economy. You can easily monetize your meetings through branding consultations, professional development services, and other paid appointments.

Receiving payment at the time of booking can be complicated if you're physically in a different location than your client. circumvents this by letting you integrate payments as part of the appointment booking process. You don't need to set up an online store or manage foreign digital inventory.

Payments can be used on a per-event type basis. You don't have to charge for all your events. Heck, you can use a different payment method each time. If you use Stripe for some payments and PayPal for others, it's fine. You can enable the payment method that makes the most sense for your workflow and clients' locations.

Getting things up and running

  1. Log in to PayPal create or access your Developer account.

  2. Once that's done, go to the Developer dashboard and create a new app here.

  3. Choose a name for your application.

  4. Select "Online payments solution."

  5. Choose "No" for "Using an online platform."

  6. Select CheckoutAPI as an integration product.

  7. Accept the terms and Create APP.

  8. From your PayPal dashboard, click on the app you created and copy the credentials.

  9. Now, log in to your account in a new page or tab.

  10. Visit the app store.

  11. Select the payments category.

  12. Select's app for PayPal.

  13. Click the install button.

  14. You'll now be redirected to a new page.

  15. You'll notice this page has two fields you need to fill out.

  16. Return to your PayPal developer dashboard and select the app you just made.

  17. Copy the specified credentials from the app.

  18. Now, go back to your PayPal installation tab or page.

  19. Directly paste them into the required fields and save them.

  20. Finally, click the save button.

While setting up this feature takes a few minutes, it's absolutely worth it. Using PayPal with lets users working remotely or serving markets in places like Vietnam, Taiwan, and Senegal benefit from's unique calendar scheduling infrastructure. This means entrepreneurs worldwide can use to power everything from professional meetings to conferences and events. If you'd like to learn more about, please check out our YouTube channel or sign up for a free account and explore what we offer today. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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