Wednesday, November 16, 2022 · 5 min read v2.2 - SOC 2 Compliance, routing form improvements, API improvements & more...

Sydney Olejnik
Sydney OlejnikAdministrative Coordinator v2.2 - SOC 2 Compliance, routing form improvements, API improvements & more... v2.2 - SOC 2 Compliance, routing form improvements, API improvements & more...

The theme of our 2.2 milestone was very similar to 2.1. Our big focus again was primarily on making a huge amount of small improvements to existing features and fixing issues across the app. We also improved our API, added lots of new apps to our app store, and...

We are now SOC 2 compliant!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we are now SOC 2 compliant after completing our type 1 audit over the past few weeks. This is a huge milestone for us in demonstrating our commitment to your security and privacy. A huge shoutout to Bailey and Connor, who made this possible. 

Routing form improvements

We’ve launched the first version of routing form reporting enabling you to drill down on the results of your form with advanced filtering. We’ve also added routing form testing, letting you test your form right in the app. And when someone fills out one of your forms, it also sends the results of your form to you by email.

Checkout Routing Forms

See all timezones on the bookings page

We added extra information in a tooltip to view the meeting time in the timezones of all attendees if and when they’re different. This works especially well when coordinating schedules with users in other time zones and being mindful of what time it is for them. You could be waiting for an attendee only to check that they booked the meeting at 8 am their time and they most likely overslept.

Go to Bookings

Improved 12/24hr time selection on the Booking page

We’ve moved the time format toggle out of the timezone dropdown and put it directly above the time slots. Time format changes in your profile won't affect the public booking page anymore - we have reverted that change. Now toggling the time format will save it in local storage and use that setting from that point on. (We know we claimed to have fixed this last time, but we're confident this will be the last change to this.)

API rework

We've been working on improving the structure of our API. We’ve Improved the flow of creating and canceling bookings, including email sending and the replication of the admin interface in the API. We’re going to be continuing our focus here, so expect many more bug updates to come here!

Visit our API Docs

New apps

Google Analytics Now you can track analytics of your bookings with the most popular analytics platform available.

Pipedream Pipedream is a low code integration platform for developers that allows you to connect APIs remarkably fast. Use the Pipedream app to automate your workflows when a booking is created, rescheduled, canceled, or when a meeting ends.

Qr Code app If you thought typing a link was short, quick, and easy, wait till you try our QR code app. You can now easily generate a QR code for any of your links in one click and then print, share or embed it anywhere. This is great for business cards, exhibit booths, or even events!

Sirius Video We added our 13th video app for your Event Type location. Sirius Video is Video Meeting made for music, giving you the ability to create your own virtual music classroom easily.

Small features, improvements & fixes

Hide other attendee's info on event types with seats

You can choose whether attendees can see each other's info on event types with seats. If you choose not to share, the .ics file that is generated will also not contain other attendee info. This works well, especially when you are hosting group events at the same time. Multiple attendees can book the same event, and their identities and booking info will be hidden from other attendees.

Option for additional notes to be required Additional notes is a field that originally was only optional. Now you can mark it as required for attendees when booking an event.

Apps Status + Rescheduled events supported with Installed Apps We’ve implemented a way for you to ensure your installed apps are running successfully when you receive a booking. There is a new section at the bottom of your confirmation email showing the status of the app.

Choose whether an SMS reminder phone number is required or not We added a checkbox for the workflow action 'Send SMS to attendee' that allows you to define whether the phone number for SMS reminders should be required or not when an event is booked.

Invalid credentials feature We implemented a feature that invalidates credentials, so we can now let the user know when an integration has broken.

Minimum booking notice is no longer specified in minutes only Now you can use minutes, hours, and calendar days as duration types for the minimum booking notice.

Attendee's Email as a Dynamic Text Variable We now have the {ATTENDEE_EMAIL} variable for custom workflow templates. 

Attendee’s location for in-person meetings Guests can now add their own locations for in-person meetings compared to only the host being able to choose the location.

Organizer's Email Address as Reply-to for Workflow EmailsWith this implementation, attendees can now reply directly to workflow emails. These replies go to the organizer now instead of

SMS Workflow is now available for Teams plan only

Other fixes and improvements

  • Destination calendar overflowing when the ID was too long

  • Fixed team URL in settings 

  • Reschedule link on the success page not working has now been fixed

  • Strikethrough on dates when rescheduling has been fixed. 

  • Disabled locations when rescheduling has been fixed. 

  • Recurring booking fixes

  • Fix for Zapier setup page that was always showing that Zapier is not installed.

  • Error when editing default availability & create new availability from the event type page has been addressed. 

  • iCalendar timezone fix in CalDAV

  • Previously, users were redirected when the availability schedule was edited. Based on UX feedback, we no longer redirect on saves.

  • Fix for CalDav error on rescheduling (NextCloud, Fastmail)

  • Design improvement for Add a calendar button.

  • Improved recurring info in bookings

  • Update feedback on event type settings 

  • Event row style improvements

  • Recurring emails fixed

  • We added optimistic updates, which means you will get quicker feedback on certain actions like updating the Hidden status or deleting your event type.

  • Design tweaks for a page that is showing a generated API key

  • Fix for a tricky issue causing buffer limits to not be respected properly.

  • Fix for "Sign in with SAML" button on the login page. 

  • Fix that makes all apps category tab scrollableFix for unauthorized error when saving workflows

  • Fix for bug when booking an event with the attendee's phone number as a location choice 

  • Fix for unconfirmed bookings marked as confirmed in DB Fix for settings inconsistency throughout the Event Type pages

  • Fix for Event Type Saving issue with private links Fix for Round Robin assigning to unavailable member

  • Fix for Zoom tokens not being refreshed properly

  • Fix for avatar issues

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