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Boost efficiency with’s managed events types

Assantewa Heubi
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Boost efficiency with’s managed events types is a product designed to make work easier. We simplify every aspect of booking and scheduling. This concept applies to events online, over the phone, and in person. You can use our hosted product to take the back-and-forth out of coordinating meetings with team members. Alternatively, you can use our platform-level product to launch a time-based marketplace for everything from hiring to tutoring. We have various tools, features, and resources that work together to increase the effectiveness and impact of organizations. Some of these, like our app store or automated workflows, are obvious. However, other features, like our managed event types, are a little more subtle but still practical and essential.

What Are Managed Events?'s managed event types are available to any individual or organization with a teamenterprise, or platform-level subscription. Managed event types work by allowing account administrators to create event types for the entire team.

An example of a managed event could be creating a template for one-on-one internal meetings or external interviews. It can be useful if you have a decentralized hiring or onboarding process where each department recruits its own personnel. In this case, an admin would make an interview event type and assign it to the person responsible for hiring in each department.

Having managed event types means you can specify details like the name, duration, and frequency of meetings while allowing other team members to connect it to their availability schedules and conferencing apps. It helps ensure that scheduling is not only effective but stays on brand and allows people to have the freedom to communicate via the methodology that works best for them.

How to Sign Up for a Account:

  • Visit to see what we're all about.

  • From there, check out our plans to see which is best for you.

  • Next, hit the sign-up button.

  • Then, choose a username and enter an email address.

  • Remember to create a password and then click the sign-up button.

    • Alternatively, you can also create an account using SAML SSO or Google.

  • Next, enter your full name and select your primary time zone.

  • Select the black button labeled "Next."

  • Choose the calendars you would like to connect with.

  • Next, set your default availability schedule.

  • Then, upload a profile picture and some bio text.

  • Next, click the finish button.

  • Finally, create some bookable events and share your meeting link.

Using's managed events is an excellent way for system administrators and organizational managers to simplify the process of incorporating as part of their team's workflow. Leaders can create the event types best suited to the needs of the business and assign them to the appropriate personnel. Individual team members will still be free to connect relevant calendars, hours of availability, and communication options suited to their roles. Managed events are a simple tool that makes it easier for everyone to stay on the same page, streamline their workflow, and achieve increased productivity via more effective collaboration. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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