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Navigating Success: How MentorCruise and Charted a New Course in Scheduling

Assantewa Heubi
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Navigating Success: How MentorCruise and Charted a New Course in Scheduling

Why we do what we do

At, we're passionate about helping people change their relationship to scheduling, since this helps to support success-oriented environments. believes that meetings are an essential cornerstone within civil society. We know that many organizations, companies, and brands are using scheduling software that's counterintuitive, overly complex, and filled with arbitrary limits. This creates unnecessary hurdles, speed bumps, and redundancies that can lower morale and cause stagnation. Using turns calendar scheduling related to appointments and meetings into a painless process that fosters development and growth. With this in mind, we’ll use this article to introduce our readers to a company they should know. This article will provide readers with a real-life example of how using is a solution that can help organizations save resources, protect their bottom line, and invest in growth, all while saving time.

Meet MentorCruise

MentorCruise is an organization that believes in people. They know that with the right support, development, and insights, individuals can unlock the transformative growth needed to achieve meaningful goals and stand out within their chosen field. MentorCruise helps their users accomplish this by providing a platform that connects individuals and businesses with perspective mentors. This helps to facilitate a strategic, timely, and practical transfer of skills, based on the lived experience of said mentors.

This might seem like a simple or perhaps even an obvious solution, but the genius of MentorCruise lies in the fact that it understands that what looks easy is often complicated. Just think about your own life experience, your goals, and what you've achieved so far. How much time and energy would it take for you to identify someone off the street who had the skills needed to help you reach your next level? How many hours of networking would it take to identify that person in a corporate environment? Additionally, once you've identified a person who's capable of providing you with the guidance you need, what's the likelihood that they're not only interested but willing and available?

MentorCruise takes the guesswork out of all of this. It provides a one-stop solution where you can search for mentors based on the industry you're currently working within or hope to. This is a service that's proven its impact and efficiency through a 97% approval rating. However, before switching to, they were doing all of this while dealing with a less than stellar booking infrastructure situation. Luckily, since they've switched to, this is no longer the case. With this in mind, do you want to know why they chose us?

Why MentorCruise chose

MentorCruise at its core is a people-focused organization. It's designed to help mentors and mentees identify each other so that experience can be shared and growth generated. MentorCruise’s market is always growing. The service has 5000 registered mentors and 20,000 mentees.

The MentorCruise’s previous scheduling setup meant that mentees had to engage in a drawn-out signup process. This included steps like leaving the platform to create a separate Calendly account. This meant that mentees were shuffled back and forth between MentorCruise's platform and other sites. There were also some UI/UX challenges that generated confusion when iterating mentor availability, especially in terms of booking one-off sessions.

Mentors also had hurdles that they had to overcome. Some of these included long, confusing booking links, drastically limited availability options, and the fact that they also had to toggle between platforms in order to actually review requests and manage bookings.

These were issues that both mentors and mentees were very gracious about navigating, but the team behind MentorCruise knew there had to be a better solution. This is why they decided to invest resources and time into finding an enterprise-grade scheduling infrastructure product, rather than a prescriptive booking tool. Ultimately, their journey led them to discover an open-source tool called

Using meant that MentorCruise could now implement a fully integrated and customized white-label calendar scheduling solution. This meant that mentors could approve appointments, set custom availability schedules, provide variable meeting options, and create ultra-short booking links without leaving the platform. Using’s infrastructure also simplified the booking process for mentees, by streamlining the sign-up process and letting them cross-reference availability at a glance.

What MentorCruise loves about

Since switching to, MentorCruise's cancellation rate has been reduced by more than 50%. Before this, MentorCruise typically had a cancellation rate of 20%. Thankfully, this is no longer the case, as the number has shrunk to only 9%.

In addition, MentorCruise has seen a 400% increase in the booking of one-off mentor sessions. This is wonderful because it allows mentees to book mentors in various fields as their needs change without having to commit to multiple monthly subscriptions.

All of this was possible because of's commitment to usability which stems from its open-source nature. Unlike other products, using doesn't require you to bend and break the platform to your will. Instead, due to the cooperative spirit in which it was built, it easily conforms to the way your organization always works.

If you'd like to learn more about MentorCruise, you can visit their website or check out their YouTube channel access free video-based resources.

Thanks for reading and as always, happy scheduling.

P.S. is free for individuals, click here to create an account!

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