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Ten Essential Booking Questions for Barbershops

Assantewa Heubi
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Ten Essential Booking Questions for Barbershops

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Whether you're an individual barber working out of various locations or you've just opened your own shop, scheduling is an essential part of what you do. You're not just managing your own time; you're also trying to facilitate appointments for your clients and meet their needs without compromising your own. One of the best tools that you can use in pursuit of achieving this balance is is a unique open-source calendar scheduling infrastructure product. The way it works is simple: just sign up for an account, set your availability schedule, connect your calendar, and create as many bookable event types as you need. Thankfully, all of these steps can be completed with a few short and simple mouse clicks. is super easy to add to your website and marketing materials. We offer options for auto-generated embed codes, as well as QR codes that can be shared via your website or distributed through printed media. All of these features work together to reduce the friction that can sometimes be part of the appointment scheduling process.

Asking the Right Questions

Our booking questions field is one of the most impactful features that you'll find within the event-level settings of our software. This is the area where you can create custom booking questions to ensure that you get all the necessary info from your clients when appointments are booked. These questions can be used to verify a customer's preferred method of contact, such as email vs. text, or they can be used to assess possible preferences and concerns. With this in mind, here are ten questions that your barbershop can use as part of the booking process.

Question 1: Do you have a preferred barber with whom you'd like to book this appointment?

Purpose: This is a great question because it lets you know whether or not the customer has a preference for who they would like to have cut their hair. If the customer is a regular, then you can use this information to potentially book them in with their favored barber if that person is available.

Question 2: Would you like to pay via cash, credit, or Cash App?

Purpose: This question can help simplify the payment process if your barbershop accepts multiple methods. If you have a day when you notice that most of your bookers are planning to pay with cash, then you know that you'll probably need to make a bank run and pick up some change to facilitate that.

Question 3: Have you been here before?

Purpose: This is a straightforward and essential question that lets you establish whether or not a person is familiar with your barbershop, its services, and practices, as well as its hours of operation. If someone has been to your shop before, there's a good chance they're a regular, and they know how everything works. If they are a newcomer, this lets you know ahead of time that the appointment is going to be a little bit more educational in nature.

Question 4: Are you looking for a quick trim or a more detailed haircut?

Purpose: Sometimes, people need just a little bit of maintenance. A little off the top and the sides to keep them looking clean and fresh. By asking this question, you'll have a good idea of whether the individual is coming in for a longer appointment or a shorter one. This helps to make it easier when allocating resources and setting up schedules.

Question 5: Are you open to trying a new style, or do you want to stick with your usual look?

Purpose: This is a great question to ask since it gives you an idea of the client's perspective, motive, and expectations. If someone is looking to try a new style, it could mean that they're going through a period of change and they want to reflect the progress they've made externally.

Question 6: Did you want to include a link to an image of what you're looking for?

Purpose: If a person has a specific haircut in mind, inviting them to share an image ahead of time can simplify things. This question helps to smooth the communication process and manage expectations.

Question 7: Do you have any allergies to the typical products used within a barbershop?

Purpose: Knowing whether or not a client is allergic to the products you use is really important. If someone has an allergy, it's best to know that ahead of time. This is a quick question that helps ensure that all parties feel respected and protected while centering health within the communication process.

Question 8: Is there a particular occasion you're getting ready for, or is this just a regular maintenance appointment?

Purpose: People come to the barbershop for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they need a new cut for a job interview, or they might be upgrading their look before attending a special event like a wedding. By sharing this info with their barber, clients can help ensure that everyone is on the same page before the appointment even starts.

Question 9: Have you taken the time to read our cancellation policy? If not, please visit the following link.

Purpose: Different businesses have different cancellation policies. Asking this question and including a link to your cancellation policy page is a good way to end drama before it even begins. This way, no one can claim to be uninformed if there are cancellation or rescheduling fees.

Question 10: Are you interested in any of our grooming packages that combine multiple services?

Purpose: This is a great question for identifying the different types of services that a client is looking to receive. People are often open to purchasing a discounted package that lets them get their hair, eyebrows, and beard taken care of all at the same time.

Navigating the scheduling landscape of a barbershop can be likened to piecing together a puzzle: every client is unique, and ensuring each piece fits seamlessly is essential for a smooth operation. With tools like, the process becomes less about guessing and more about creating an optimal experience. By incorporating thoughtful booking questions, you're not only streamlining your operations but also making sure each client feels seen, understood, and catered to. Remember, a successful appointment begins long before the scissors meet the hair. It starts with the care taken to understand and prepare for each individual's needs, preferences, and concerns. If you're ready to take the next step and edge out the competition by leveling up your calendar scheduling and appointment setting, then just click the link below. is now FREE for individuals - sign up here

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