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Ewa Michalak
Ewa MichalakSr Marketing Manager v4.2

Hello! It’s time for our 4.2 changelog!

We’re approaching the start of summer, but our engineering team is far from slowing down. Our annual retreat is fast approaching, so everyone has been heads down shipping before we all meet to take a well-earned break at Lake Bled in Slovenia. If you’d like to join us at our next retreat, we’re looking to expand our team, so now is your opportunity! More details below, followed by our usual roundup of features and improvements from the past month. Enjoy!

We’re hiring!

Want to be a part of team? You’re in luck - we have 2 roles open at the moment!

We are looking for highly skilled senior full-stack software engineers. If you are passionate about the startup world and open source, we would love to hear from you! You can find more details here.

Mark no-shows in your meetings

Now, you can mark meeting guests as a “no-show” if they haven’t joined your meeting. This is a great feature for your own personal records. We also utilise this feature to distribute round-robin events more accurately so “no-shows” don’t count towards distribution. This means everyone on your team gets a fairer share of meetings that happened. Marking no-shows will enable you to:

  • track sales efficiency

  • understand your customer quality

  • settle your payments

  • analyze efficiency (i.e. is the meeting format right)

To mark attendees as a no-show, go to your past bookings, click on the name of the person on the booking and mark them as a no-show. Your no-shows will be visible in your insights.

Keep your eyes peeled - we are planning to auto-track your missing guests with Cal video soon.

Review attendance

New install flow to add apps directly to specific event types

If you’re managing teams, your life has just become easier! We have revamped the app installation flow so that it’s much clearer what teams you are installing an app on, and in the same flow, you can apply the app to specific event types and configure it.

While you could previously install an app on specific teams, once installed, it wasn’t always clear how to configure each app, and you had to go into each event type and enable the app you had just installed. Not only was it a little confusing, but it was also incredibly time-consuming if you were managing quite a few event types or teams. This new flow is live for analytics, CRM, payment, QR code, Basecamp, and Giphy apps. More to follow!

Add some apps!

Add rolling days to future booking limits as your calendar fills up

With “Limit future bookings”, you can limit how far into the future people can book you. This is great for forcing people to choose slots within a specific time range, getting you on calls quicker and keeping constraints on your calendar. There’s a downside to this, however. If you get fully booked on 2 or 3 days or go out of office, people won’t see much availability, meaning you could lose out on potential bookings. Today, we’re solving that problem by providing an option to “Always show X days of availability into the future”, so if you set your limit to 5 days into the future, people will always see 5 days of availability, even if a day or two get fully booked or aren’t available for any reason. All upside, no downside.

Set your limits

New features

  • We now autosave any changes made when editing your availability schedules. No need to hit save any more! This was causing problems, particularly with adding date overrides. #14849

  • If you like to customize your event type titles, we’ve added a new variable to make it more personal and shorter. If you collect “First” and “Last” names separately, you can now use {Organizer first name} or {Scheduler first name} as a variable in the title. #14156

  • We have now enabled organization and team-wide webhooks that can be triggered for all event types across your teams. #15144

  • Another feature following the theme of quicker and easier team management: You can now assign team members to round-robin events from the member table. If a new person joins your team, you could add them to several event types in seconds without having to go into all those event types. #14199

  • We added syntax highlighting and an autocomplete menu (similar to Notion) for workflow variables to our WYSIWYG editor for writing the messages that get automated. #15293

  • You can now choose 45 minutes for meetings when creating new dynamic events (in addition to 15 and 30 minutes). #15248

Fixes and improvements

  • We now automatically take you to the “Assignment” tab after creating a team event type, and we warn you if you exit without assigning anyone so you don’t create links with no availability. #14882

  • If you wanted to create an Organization, there was previously a minimum of two teams required to do so, we’ve removed this now. #15267

  • When booking on mobile, we added an auto-scroll to the times after selecting a date. #15124

  • One for the developers: As an Organization Admin, you can now query bookings for your Organization members with GET, POST, PATCH, or DELETE

  • We fixed an invalid phone error that occurred when prefilling a phone number with a ‘+’ sign. #15046

  • We fixed how seats are being counted for collective event types. Previously, we counted team members associated with the collective event type; now, we only count the number of attendees relative to the number of seats occupied. #14930

  • We removed a duplicate of Cal video appearing under conference options if any other conference tool had been removed. #15038

  • Double trouble: We shipped a fix where two avatars of the same person were showing in dynamic meetings and on team event types. #15055 #15239

  • We fixed an issue of missing avatars on some event types.#15167

  • We removed an issue with missing avatars next to a username while using booking filters. #15271

  • We fixed a broken URL that appeared when clicking the profile picture on a meeting page. Now, it links back to your profile page. #15028

  • We shortened the onboarding process for our platform product and fixed the layout for tablet devices. #15053

  • We fixed an issue related to some date overrides disappearing when the schedule was in a negative timezone. #15251

  • We fixed an issue where the “default” badge would still show in the app store if you removed the default app. #15243

  • We fixed a booking error (last day unavailable) that sometimes appeared when a future limit was enabled. #15288

  • We fixed an error that appeared when you invited a colleague to your team, but the sign-up happened via a Google account. #11312

  • We shipped so many things again this month that the full list doesn’t fit here. You can view them all here.

That’s it for this month, thanks for reading! And, of course, a big thank you to all of our contributors! If you'd like to give us feedback on anything we've shipped this month, reply to this email - we'd love to hear from you.

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