Mark guests as no show


You can now mark guests as "No Show" for past bookings where one or more attendees did not attend.

How to Mark Attendees as No-Show

  1. Navigate to Past Bookings:

    • Go to bookings/past.
  2. Select the Attendee:

    • Click on the name or email of the attendee you wish to mark as "No-Show".
  3. Mark as No-Show:

    • From the dropdown menu, select "Mark as No Show".
  4. Unmark if Necessary:

    • If you marked an attendee as "No-Show" by mistake, you can easily undo it.
    • Click on the name or email of the attendee again and select "Unmark as No Show".

Handling Attendees grouped in & 'n' more

For meetings with more than two attendees:

  1. Open the Checklist:

    • Click on "& n more" attendees. This will open a checklist.
  2. Mark/Unmark Multiple Attendees:

    • Use the checklist to mark or unmark multiple guests as "No-Show" simultaneously.

This feature allows you to accurately record attendance and manage your bookings more effectively.

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